Kids World's Toddler Program

The Creative Curriculum for Infants and Toddlers®  focuses on the importance of developing trusting relationships between the teachers, children, and families. With these relationships as the framework, teachers guide children through important daily routines and provide them with a variety of activities that supports their individual growth in four main developmental areas: social/emotional, physical, cognitive, and language.

In our Toddler program:

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Learning more and more everyday. (Young Toddlers & Older Toddlers)

Toddlers are known to be active throughout the day; that’s why a school needs to create a curriculum especially designed for toddlers. The curriculum needs to channel this energy into something productive and something that could develop their trusting relationships with their parents. Here at Kid’s World Preschool, we provide for this specific learning experience for toddlers.

Our program focuses on the importance of developing the individual growth of young children. Through daily routines and constant supervision, we can establish a trusting relationship with your children, which effectively increases the learning process of toddlers.
This relationship can significantly improve their core developmental areas, which are their cognitive, social, language, and physical skills.

Our facilities include high-quality environments that are specifically designed for toddlers. Here at Kid’s World Preschool, we value your children’s safety above all else, that’s why our facilities are designed to secure your children from any threat or emergency. Schedule a tour in your school now and see for yourself.

The curriculum that we offer is designed to support your child’s development. Give your children a unique learning experience; we’ve separated the class into two groups. Separating young toddlers from the older ones will help the former develop their own identities.

To give you a bit more information about what our toddler program includes, we’ve listed some of our notable programs and activities that we offer.

Social and Emotional Development

Simple behaviors like sharing and saying thank you can go a long way, especially in children of tender years. Children are known to learn more from examples, by encouraging them to follow excellent standards from others, they’ll do the same affirmative act when presented with the same scenario.

Positively expressing their feelings is a healthy practice that we encourage our students to follow. Our teachers are trained to give children emotional support whenever they feel down or afraid. We value communication between our teachers and your children; that’s why we make it a practice to create an open dialogue between the teacher and the student.


Cognitive Development

The curriculum that we offer also focuses on your child’s cognitive development. We provide your toddlers with a separate play area specifically designed to enhance their learning experience. Their space is filled with interactive toys, puzzles, and books designed to develop a toddler’s cognitive skills.

Our teachers also prepare a range of activities that challenges them to use logic and reasoning. The curriculum that we make also includes problems that are not too easy or too hard for toddlers to solve. Problem-solving activities are proven to be very useful in developing cognitive skills in toddlers and young children.


Physical Development

Our classrooms are set so that toddlers can move freely with little to no consequences. We believe that toddlers need to release all of their energies and channel it into something productive. Apart from our classrooms, our curriculum also offers many ways for kids to be active outside of school.

Learning physical development at an early age helps children develop better motor skills. Games and activities that build hand and eye coordination are also taught in our curriculum. Activities like drawing, dancing, and playing can improve your child’s physical health and development.

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