Kids World Preschool Program

Preschoolers are eager to learn.

The Creative Curriculum for Preschool® combines both teacher-directed and child-initiated learning. This curriculum provides clear direction for the teacher to address content in literacy, math, science, social studies, the arts, and technology, yet never loses sight of the primary importance of social/emotional development in children’s learning. Our teachers provide plenty of individual attention to support your child’s unique needs.

Our preschool program

Kids World Preschool in Cape Coral, FL offers high quality, affordable and safe daycare, child care, preschool, winter camp, spring camp, summer camp, before and after school care, toddler care, preschool, pre-K, VPK program and part time child care.

Our goal is to help children develop new skills and master The old ones.

One of the essential skills that a preschooler should learn is  to enhance his or her social skills. For children, better communication and understanding will always be the cornerstone of every successful kid.

Here at Kid’s World Preschool, you will find a creative curriculum specially programed for preschoolers. Our program provides for early childhood education and healthcare for your children. We will help them develop the necessary skills to move forward in life and help them boost their learning experience.

Our pre-school is teacher-directed and child-initiated, which brings out the best in our students. The curriculum that we provide addresses the main functions of a pre-school program. It includes social skills, language skills, and emotional behavior, which are all equally important in a child’s development.

Pre-school is a stage in every child where they are eager to discover and learn new things. That’s why, as parents, you should find the best education and health care for your kids. To give you a bit more information about the services that we offer, here are some aspects of the knowledge that our school program provides.

Motor Skill Development

Motor skill development is an essential part of a child’s development, especially during his tender years. Preschoolers are known to be very active in learning and playing; their environment plays an integral part in this learning process.

That’s why teaching them how to develop their motor skills at a young age will significantly improve their physical bodies when they grow up.

What’s more, Our preschool curriculum focuses on fun activities that have a learning experience. Integrating exciting games and exercises that have beneficial effects for your children are the most effective methods in developing their motor skills.

While most preschools are keen on adding new activities to their curriculum, here at Kid’s World Preschool, we embrace positive change.

Social Skills Development

The ability to interact with other people starts as early as preschool. Children develop their social skills through frequent interactions with the people around them. That’s why, as young as preschool, the people surrounding your children must have a positive impact on their development.

Here at Kid’s World Preschool, our school is has addressed this problem by creating an interactive environment for your kids. Our staff and teachers are well-trained to handle different types of personalities your children might have. They’re always friendly, open, and caring towards their students.

Language Development

Language development is also a core program that our curriculum promotes. Developing speech helps your children communicate their feelings better and improves his or her social interactions significantly.

Children learn more from communicating with others than in most classes they take. That’s why, as parents, it’s essential to give time and talk to your children about their hobbies. And what they’ve learned in school after each class or session. It doesn’t only improve your child’s language development skills; it’s also a great bonding experience for you and your kids.

To know more about the programs that we offer, give us a call or plan a tour with our school. Meet our excellent staff first hand and see for yourself the pleasant environment that we’ve created for your kids.

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