Easy yet Exceptional Strategies in Teaching Preschoolers

Teaching Preschoolers

The biggest question in the mind of every preschool teacher is: “How can I efficiently and effectively teach a preschooler?” since teaching preschoolers is neither an easy nor fun task. It requires perseverance, diligence, and, most importantly, patience. Without these three characters, I assure you that such a teacher will only last for a few months. He or she will be handing down a resignation letter because of all the stress he or she is experiencing. Hence, continue reading this article to know more about the essential things to teach, as well as the strategies in teaching to make your profession fun and stress-free.

What you need to know about Teaching Preschoolers

In preschool, teachers must know how to develop a child’s skill since this becomes the foundation of all his future skills. Teaching preschoolers how to read and write are just one of the basics. Through their singing, dancing, and playing, preschoolers gain their primary skills, which later on lead to them learning a more complex skill. Early writing activities for preschoolers, such as teaching them how to write their names, are some of the right ways to start.

Apart from reading and writing skills, it is also vital to introduce basic math. Most preschool teachers agree that students who are not good at math are those who were not taught at an early age. Every child needs to develop their math skills as soon as they can master their numbers fully. In this way, they’ll be able to practice and build their math skills as early as possible.

Additionally, teaching preschoolers how to appreciate music is also essential to their learning. Music teaches them to calm down, to have fun, and to listen. Knowing how to enjoy music helps them develop individual attitudes that will soon aid them in coping with their problems. 

Aside from music, it is also ideal for teachers to introduce to preschoolers the importance of nutrition. Nowadays, several children suffer from obesity, heart diseases, and other health issues because of the kind of lifestyle we have. It is high time that teachers make an effort to help their students understand how important and beneficial it is to eat healthily. Thus, try to include vegetables and fruits in your learning system to remind the preschoolers of the food they need to eat.

Homeschooling or Teaching Preschool at Home

homeschooling preschoolers

A preschool at home curriculum is a course of study organized for children aged 2 – 5 years old. It includes two original features – specific activities to help your child learn how to achieve his or her goals and a set of learning goals for each day. Since teaching preschool at home is not an easy job, it’s essential that organize a systematic plan so your child won’t have any trouble learning how to develop his or her skill.

You can have him or her review the alphabet in day one, engage him or her in alphabet games on day two, and teach him or her how to explore the day with alphabets. Below are some of the most effective activities for preschoolers at home.

  • Coffee Beans and Oats Sensory Bin Activity
  • Water Play by measuring, pouring, comparing different colors, and scooping water
  • Discover cultures around the world with pictures
  • Plant a garden
  • At-Home Science Experiments
  • Teach him or her to play an instrument
  • Teach Basic Phonics
  • Play learning games

Preschool Teaching Methods

Preschool Teaching Methods

There are tons of strategies in teaching preschoolers; however, there are only a few which are efficient and effective.

Here are the proven strategies you can use to teach your preschoolers.

  • Learning Assessment – it is a data-gathering process for teachers to keep track of the needs and achievements of every student
  • Goal Setting – this strategy helps teachers to organize the different activities for the day. Goal setting gives teachers sufficient time to reflect on the feedbacks and effects of the events.  
  • Use Child-Friendly Labels – labeling the bins and shelves will catch the attention of preschoolers, and it will help in teaching them how to organize their toys and other things.

Teaching Preschoolers with Autism

teaching autistic preschoolers

As stated earlier, teaching preschoolers is not an easy task. But, the most challenging part is teaching preschoolers with autism since you need to have an in-depth idea of their condition and how they should be taught. Below are some of the tips to easily teach preschoolers with autism.

  • Create structured activities and environment – see to it that the actions and environment are carefully structured in a manner that shows the disparity between educators and students
  • Make use of visual aids – just like using child-friendly labels, using visual aids is an excellent way of teaching preschoolers with autism
  • Promote social interactions – preschoolers with autism do not often engage with their classmates since they tend to be shy. Thus, you need to encourage them to interact with one another to develop their social skills.
  • Eliminate potential stress – another challenging part of teaching preschoolers with autism is the fact that most of them are susceptible to stress. Hence, you must know how to control the activities and environment to prevent potential stress among the students.
  • Keep instructions simple – whether you’re teaching regular preschoolers or those with autism, keeping your guidelines simple will allow the students to absorb everything they learn for the day.

Preschoolers at Kid’s World Preschool

kidsworld preschool kids

At Kid’s World Preschool, we guarantee that the proven strategies and teaching methods stated above are incorporated in our preschool program. We also added a specialized curriculum, The Creative Curriculum for Preschool®, to fully develop and enhance the skills of your child. The curriculum integrates both child-initiated and teacher-directed learning. It offers engaging but straightforward directions for preschoolers to quickly learn about technology, art, social studies, science, and math. It likewise helps the teachers address numerous concerns about the literacy of the child. The curriculum also addresses the child’s emotional and social development.

The preschool program at Kid’s World Preschool challenges your child to develop his or her social skills, encourages him or her to learn more and explore more, and helps your child develop his or her self-esteem. To learn more about kid’s world preschool program, contact us now by clicking the link.

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