Learn Numbers For Kindergarten The Fast and Easy Way

learn numbers for kindergarten

Do you want your kids to learn numbers quickly? Are you getting a hard time teaching them at home? If the answers to these questions are a resounding “Yes!” then you need to read through this blog post. 

Teaching toddlers to learn numbers is never an easy job. You need perseverance and determination to help toddlers quickly learn numbers. Bear in mind that understanding numbers is an essential skill that every child needs to master. Similarly, children perceive and study different concepts of mathematics from infancy to kindergarten, and there will always be pattern recognition and quantity comparison each and every day. At Kid’s World Preschool, we see to it that fun and interactive games and activities are correctly taught. Below are the ways and tips to help kindergartners recognize, learn, and master numbers.


Learn Numbers Recognition Games and Activities

Introducing numerals to children is simple when you know what to do. However, it is a very strenuous job if you don’t have any clue on how to begin and end when teaching kindergartners. Thus, it is essential that you have a list of the various number recognition games and activities. Here are a few of the many activities or games you can include in your list:

  • Counting Beads
  • Number Biscuits
  • Colorful Dice Tally
  • Dot-to-Dot Game
  • Number Hunt
  • Number Bubble Game
  • Number Match
  • Trace and Make Mats with Numbers
  • Counting with Number Rhymes
  • Magic Colored Beans
  • Counting and Sorting Shapes
  • Building Legos with Numbers

Since children easily lose focus, it is essential that every game or activity must be able to get their attention. Hence, using a variety of bright colors along with enormous and attractive shapes will definitely make them interested in playing the above-cited games.

As stated earlier, recognizing numbers is a vital skill to learn during a child’s tender age. At Kid’s World Preschool, we explore every possibility to determine whether such activity or game is useful to support the numerical skill development of your child. This is precisely the reason why we make it a point that our teachers keep in mind the following notes:

  • Teach number activities and games in a fun and interactive way in order to cultivate a positive and practical approach.
  • Aside from using numbers, it is also essential to teach numerals with alphabets so they can practice and recall their alphabets.
  • See to it that they have a lot of significant visual resources such as posters and stickers.
  • Along with the number games, our teachers see to it that they teach children how to read and write numbers.

Tips in Playing Number Games and Other Activities

In teaching numbers to preschoolers, it is paramount to incorporate figures in their day-to-day tasks. For instance, toddlers are asked to help set the table with one plate, one fork, and one spoon. They are also engaged to count apples and pears, as well as encouraged to fix and count their toys before leaving school.

Children learn numbers effectively when they are playing with a group of kids. We likewise encourage them to play the number games with camaraderie and teamwork. Additionally, kindergartners must know how numbers compare to each other. They can easily be taught by asking them to draw a picture of five squares, three squares, etc. and allow them to arrange it from low to high and vice versa. Once they master a particular set of numbers, we try the same method with a different game.

In building your child’s numeracy skill, below are some of the helpful ideas you can do as an everyday activity at home.

  • Allow your child to observe while you cook. He or she can help in mixing, filling, pouring, and stirring your ingredients.
  • Create an attractive growth chart to measure your kid’s height and describe what you’re doing so he or she can learn numbers easily.
  • Go for a stroll and point out how each block or house has numbers, or you can count your steps as you walk down the street.

When do Kids Learn to Count?

Just like talking and reading, you can introduce mathematical thinking as soon as your child reaches 18 months. Counting objects in the room like snacks, blocks, and stairs is an excellent way to start. Some children can even score a few numbers or memorize the sequence of numbers. Although this may be a routine or habit rather than genuinely understanding how to count numbers, it’s still a fun beginning in efficiently learning their numerals. 

Number Crafts for Kindergartners

Apart from number games, toddlers can also learn their numerals faster through a number of crafts. An interactive variety of number crafts will surely encourage the kindergartners to learn math smoothly and efficiently. Whether or not your child requires a little help counting his or her fingers, these number of crafts are the perfect ways to get him or her learn. 

  • Exploding Numbers – Get this fun number craft introduced by First Palette. The supplies you’ll need are roller brushes or paintbrushes, poster paint, masking tape, scissors, pencil, drawing paper or construction paper and letter or A4 size cardstock.
  • Octopus Counting Craft – Learn and have fun creating this numerical sea creature by All Kids Network. The things needed are marker, glue, eyes, green construction paper, 2 different colors of construction paper, and a large piece of paper.
  • Velcro Bull’s Eye Ball Tossing Game – Learn about numbers and adding your scores up with this engaging game by Artists Helping Children. The materials you’ll need are strong adhesive tape, yarn or ribbon, cardboard, small balls like plastic golf balls or ping pong balls, marker, cups or bowls, glue, and scissors.
  • Follow the Number Maze – Jamie of Hands On As We Grow suggested this tremendous and useful number craft. You’ll only need an art paper, scissors, and roll of painters tape.

It’s an undeniable fact that parents want to guarantee that their kids are fully equipped for school and that they will do well in preschool. However, kids at this early stage tend to enjoy playtime more than learning numbers and alphabets. One way to assist them transition into their study mode and to ace their kindergarten is to show them that learning is like playing. At Kid’s World Preschool, our teachers are experienced and determined to provide students with activities that are more fun than what they are playing at home. 


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