Best Bilingual Toys for Teaching Spanish to Preschoolers

bilingual spanish preschool toys

While raising bilingual children in this day and age can be a challenge because we now live in a diverse community. It’s still possible to teach and develop their second language at a very young age. Studies show that you can start teaching your children his or her second language as early as their infant years.

And one of the best methods of teaching kids at an early age is by giving them bilingual toys. These toys are specialised in teaching your kids simple words that are easy to pick up and easy to remember. By teaching them simple concepts like colors and numbers, they’ll learn to understand the difference between the words and eventually learn how to say it.

Toys are the best teachers when it comes to children, especially in their preschool days. While there are a lot of toys that are dedicated to teaching children new things, some teach them a little better than the others. We will be exploring different bilingual toys that are being sold in the market today.

In this article, we will be reviewing different bilingual toys that teach your kids Spanish and other educational ideas. These toys will be considered based on their functionality, ease of use and educational benefits. We will also be reviewing different bilingual toddler toys specified for their age groups. But before we dive into these products, we’ll first take a look at the various benefits of bilingual toys for children.

Potential Benefits of Bilingual Toys in Children

Many studies have shown that teaching kids a different language improves their speech and cognitive skills. It teaches kids at a young age to pay attention to the tone and mannerisms when different words are used. They slowly learn how to differentiate one from the other with constant exposure. Here are some benefits of bilingual toys for your

  • They Learn More Words and Phrases

By using toys as a medium for learning, they’ll be continuously exposed to these changes in the language used. Being consistent with your approach will help your child learn more words and phrases as they play along. As they continue to grow their toys grow along with them, there are a lot of new gadgets available to help them learn new words.

  • Increases School performance and attention

Another benefit of bilingual toys is that it increases your child’s school performance. Studies have shown that children who learn another language perform better in school. In the studies conducted, the results show that bilingual classrooms perform better than English-only classes. They also have better attendance and a longer attention span compared to English-only classrooms.

  • Increase Cognitive Skills and Communication

Bilingual toys also have a lasting impact on cognitive skill development and communication skills. Playing educational toys is known to improve the cognitive development of young children. With bilingual toys, children learn how to better communicate with other kids compared to English-only students.

  • Better Problem Solvers

Giving your kids bilingual baby toys at an early age will develop their cognitive skills earlier in life. It gives them an edge in a better understanding of complex problems and solves them faster. Children who can speak multiple languages have better cognitive flexibility compared to those who only speak one language.

Best Bilingual Toys for Infant and Toddlers

Mochoog Toy Piano for Toddlers

●	Mochoog Toy Piano for Toddlers

Develop your kid’s language with this beautiful toy piano. The Mochoog Toy Piano for Toddlers is a good starter toy for teaching your kids Spanish. This musical toy comes with a double-sided card that has English to Spanish translation to essential words such as animals and colors.

This toy doesn’t only help your kids learn Spanish, but it also develops their appreciation for music. While there are a lot of Spanish baby toys that help your children learn Spanish, the Mochoong toy piano for toddlers is just another level of learning. Overall, it’s a great toy to learn Spanish because of its numerous features.

Musical Turtle Toy, English & Spanish Learning

Musical Turtle Toy - english spanish biligual

This musical turtle can be a fun learning experience for your infants. Your children can exercise their finger muscles as well as their Spanish language. The musical turtle has built-in English and Spanish modes which you can switch between the other. It comes with bright colors that are very attractive to children of all ages.

Your kids can learn the alphabet and numbers both in Spanish and English. This toy can also crawl, which makes it a lot more fun to play. It also has a laugh function that laughs along with your kids while they’re interacting with the toy.

Spanish Toddler Learning Poster Kit

bilingual spanish toddler poster kit

Toys aren’t the only thing that can teach your kids Spanish; this Spanish toddler learning poster kit can also help your kids learn Spanish. This Spanish poster kit is equipped with a lot of learning materials such as the alphabet, the names of shapes, dates, and weather. It’s a great learning tool to help your children learn Spanish the easy way.

While toys are the best way to introduce kids to learning Spanish, tables and charts can also play a significant role in developing their learning habits. Putting up posters and tables with Spanish and English translations, your kids will get to see it every day and learn its meaning. Poster kits are a great way to help your children retain the new words that they’ve learned.

Cali’s Books Spanish Nursery Rhymes

spanish nursery rhymes

Learning Nursery rhymes is another way of teaching your kids how to speak and read Spanish. The Cali’s Books Spanish Nursery Rhymes is an excellent alternative to educational toys. This entertaining and stimulating musical book is packed with Spanish nursery rhymes with English translations. It’s the best way to memorize some Spanish words because you can sing along to the tune of the English song.

Introducing your kids to Spanish words can be a challenge at times. Cali’s books are dedicated to teaching your children new Spanish words in the form of fun and exciting nursery rhymes.

These are just some of the best bilingual toys for toddlers and Spanish baby toys that you can find on the market today. There are a lot more bilingual toys for you to discover so keep exploring new things and new possibilities. In today’s society, being bilingual is a great advantage in meeting new people and understanding new concepts. 


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