Super Easy, All-Season Activities for Toddlers


There are tons of activities for toddlers that are fun and great for learning. However, in determining whether the activity is effective for learning, it is important that each indoor or outdoor activity engages the child to participate and employs hands-on attention.

Every activity must use colorful and child-safe materials, easy to set up, and easy to do. Likewise, fun activities for toddlers may be divided into 3 aspects:  educational activities for toddlers in childcare, seasonal activities for toddlers, and learning or cognitive activities for toddlers at home. Read through the blog post to learn more about the finest activities for toddlers ever discovered.

Educational Activities for Toddlers in Childcare

educational activities for toddlers

Kid’s World Preschool offers a wide array of educational activities that helps develop a child’s mindset at an early stage. Such activities include indoor activities, science activities, sensory activities, math activities, and other outdoor or physical activities. In our toddler program, we usually divide the toddlers into 2 groups: the Older Toddlers Class and Young Toddlers Class. This is to ensure that they can learn and play with others of the same pace.

Among the several indoor activities, the following are considered to be the finest:

  • Sticky Spider Web
  • Pop Bottle Bowling
  • Sparkle Cloud Dough
  • Sorting Toys by Colors

As for the science activities, it may include the color surprise eruptions, will it sink or float activity or the magnetic discovery bottle. Aside from indoor and science activities, it’s also essential to include sensory and math activities. Some of the well-known sensory activities are the puzzle sorting station, rainbow rice filling station, dinosaur rescue, and alphabet soup sensory match-up. On the other hand, math activities may include counting how many jumps you can do, searching for numbers in the childcare center, and pointing to the different shapes in the room while counting it.

Notwithstanding the activities mentioned above, the most interesting activity for a toddler is the outdoor and physical activities. These are Simon Says, Hopscotch, Bubble Play, Playing with Mini Sticks, Freeze Tag, and Digging for Treasure.

Learning Activities for Toddlers at Home

Learning activities at home include art activities, sensory activities, cooking activities, counting activities, and alphabet activities. Aside from these activities, it is also important to teach your toddler some of the basic language activities. As a parent, you must strive to develop your toddler’s vocabulary skills. In can be done through these simple activities:

  • Play “Name that Thing”
  • Sing with your toddler
  • Read him or her books before sleeping
  • Match the alphabet
  • Set up a child-friendly obstacle course

Getting back to the cognitive activities, art activities help toddlers to enhance their creative minds. It includes teaching toddlers how to sew, paper leaf collage, gluing buttons and dots, and watercolor painting.

If you’re looking for a fun way to bond with your child, the best way to do this is through a cooking activity. You can teach your child how to cook a pizza, muffin, or cookies. Aside from cooking, you can also teach your child different counting and alphabet activities after you get out of work. Some of the fun and worthwhile activities are:

  • Counting Ice Cream Scoops
  • Count and Smash Play Dough
  • Straw and Pom Poms Counting Game
  • Counting Raindrops
  • Alphabet Construction Zone
  • Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Alphabet Play
  • Magnetic Alphabet Sensory Bin

Seasonal Activities for Toddlers

toddlers seasonal activities

What’s the best way to celebrate the season? It’s being with your toddler and playing with them. There are numerous activities you can do when it’s winter, spring, fall, or summer. During Winter, you can do crafts and art projects like those mentioned by Hands On As We Grow. For Spring, you can check out the wonderful activities collected by The Imagination Tree. Their spring activities will surely keep your kid busy this Easter.

As for Fall, Hands On As We Grow has 22 simple and fun activities for toddlers. It includes a Fall Bucket List for you to enjoy and fulfill with your little one. Lastly, Busy Toddler has 50+ awesome activities for toddlers. Its activities include 4 categories such as Quick and Easy Fun Activities, Water Play, Outdoor Art Activities, and Messy Sensory Fun Activities.

How Many Activities Does A Toddler Really Need?

how many activities doddlers need

Play is vital in your child’s cognitive and emotional development. It helps your child to develop their physical skills, teaches them to learn about how to care for others and their environment, and develop their communication or language skills. However, it is best to limit their activities to avoid stress and pressure at an early age.

Experts, as well as, daycare teachers are inclined to the idea that activities should only be limited to 1 game or activity per hour. It will allow the toddlers to fully learn and grasp the things they have learned for the day.

In teaching toddlers, it is also important to know the 5 learning concepts. These concepts are cognitive, language, social, gross motor, and fine motor. Learning these concepts will help you plan your activities.

What Should A Toddler Know Educationally?

What should a toddler knnow?

At 2 years old, your child must already develop his or her learning or cognitive skills, social or emotional skills, language skills, hand and finger development, and movement skills. He or she must develop the following:

  • Able to lift toys while walking
  • Walk up and down the stairs
  • Climb your furniture without any aid
  • Know how to sort colors and shapes
  • Able to recite fragments of rhymes or sentences in familiar books

If you think that your child is not interested, there’s no need to worry. Bear in mind that the activities for toddlers mentioned above may not be all performed since toddlers have short attention spans. They often want to play the game over and over again. You can save the activities until he or she is a little older or gets tired of the game.

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